On leaving school I began training as a veterinary nurse in a small practice in a big town. Back then I was determined that the ailments which affected the patients that I cared for (such as bad teeth/ obesity/ poor coat condition) wouldn't ever affect my own. And due to the clever sales & marketing of the brands regularly used in practices, I truly believed that a dry food diet was the best way to help me do this.
Fast forward to the present day and I'm still pretty determined that my dogs should be as healthy as I can possibly manage. But my opinions about how that might be achieved have changed rather a lot.
The dry food industry is worth rather a lot of money in this country and around the world. We know the names of the big pet food brands because they can afford to spend money on TV advertising which puts it into the public consciousness.
But despite being able to spend lots of money on expensive marketing, what ingredients they use in well-known dry foods, is not necessarily very good for your dog!
Now there are THOUSANDS of dry dog food diets out there. So I'm not going to get into a debate on each of them - there just aren't enough hours in the day! But what I do recommend is that you do your research and get more information about what you choose to feed your dog.
Here's where I suggest you get started - the All About Dog Food website is a fantastic source of impartial nutritional advice where you can look up your current brand and compare against the many others on the market.
Now my preference for my own dogs is cooked or raw food. But just occasionally if I'm travelling, then I might use dry food for convenience. The kibble I would use with my own dogs would be: 

This isn't a comprehensive list as there are other good ones out there, these are just a few that I've used in the past couple of years that my dogs enjoyed.

But for their normal, everyday diet, my dogs are fed a combination of cooked or raw food:



Everyone will have their own ideas about what is best for their dog. All I'd like to suggest is that people make their minds up based on independent research, rather than someone who stands to benefit from what choice you make. And on that note, I am grateful for the discount that I receive for recommending ProDog Raw, and I receive money off from orders made from Butternut Box when you click on the link above.

Today I'm grateful for how happy & healthy my dogs are on my choice of diet for them. Their shiny coats, bright eyes and boundless energy are worth every penny!

I'm curious...what do you feed your dog and why?

9 thoughts on “We are what we eat.. and so are our dogs!”

  1. We feed Eden. It was when our old boy was not enjoying his food, at the same time I saw the BBC programme on dog food. We wanted to change! I did so much research, googled loads of stuff. Chose one with high named meat content, and no rubbish. Never looked back. Patrick was finally feeling full, and princess Jazmin liked it too!

  2. What a good article! I guess the real answer is I feed a combination of different things from Acana, Instinct, Honest Kitchen, to raw and fresh cooked. It’s important to me that my dogs get a variety of foods, as it seems they are the most vibrant and healthy. They don’t have problems with allergies, and it seems to keep their weight steady and predictable. My main kibble has been Acana for the last many years. It travels well, can be used for training, and seems to be the one all my dogs, past and present, have the best results from in their energy, appetite, coat, weight, GI tract, and skin. The only time I am ever concerned is the occasional times when they don’t want to eat, or have a very slow appetite. Then I really know something is amiss.

  3. Kathleen Sinclair

    Hello, I started to feed raw after my puppy (now 10 months old) continued to have sloppy poos! I started this in Jan this year and has been a struggle as she would not eat it one day then would the next without much enthusiasm, I tried all the tricks in the book to get her to eat, it was stressing me out as she needed to have food to grow etc.. I’ve used most of the raw suppliers including prodograw…I was throwing away more than she ate… Her poos were amazing though, small and no smell!! I now cook her food and have started using a wet food recommended a few times on the Barf Facebook group which she enjoys, I’m keen to get her back on raw, in the meantime I’m happy she’s tucking in with gusto and putting on weight, her poos are still pretty good too!

  4. We feed Honey on Pro dog raw food. We use to buy Natures menu nuggets but they seemed to change the texture and it looked more processed.
    We have always used raw as recommended by Nicola when we were puppy training.

  5. Hanne Therkelsen

    Hi Gemma
    I so respect that you speak free about receiving benefits for recommending specifik brands ..Thanks.

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