Total Toy Fix Online Course

£20.00 / month for 3 months

Who’s the course for?

This is a great course for dogs who struggle to listen when they’re excited. Play simulates the excitement of other things they love such as..

  • Playing with other dogs
  • Chasing wildlife like squirrels/ birds
  • Children playing football/ cricket
  • Cyclists or joggers

Because play is controllable, the dogs learn really useful self-control skills that can be applied in these other areas of their life.

What will I learn?

Through the 30 short 2-5 minute video lessons, plus written handouts, you’ll learn..

  • Basic play skills – getting your dog playing with you and how best to do it
  • Controlling an over the top dog who leaps all over you when things get exciting!
  • How to build desire for play in a dog who doesn’t have any interest in playing with you
  • Teaching a solid fetch skill – in spite of distractions
  • Dog sports games – foundation exercises which make learning things like agility or flyball more fun!
  • How to use your dog’s nose through searching games

Where can I access the lessons?

Each day you’ll receive an email with a link to this website, directing you to your lesson.

When will the lessons roll out?

The lessons are rolled out daily on a week on, week off basis over 12 weeks.

This allows you time to practice the lessons without getting behind.

It also builds in some catch up time for when life gets in the way of dog training!

Why is play so important anyway?!

Truly amazing dogs who listen to you even when there is lots going on, don’t grow on trees!

Play helps our dogs learn important life skills such as..

  • Come back when called
  • Listen to me when you’re excited
  • Don’t jump up at people when we’re out walking
  • And many, many more!

How long will I have access to the lessons?

The lessons will be available on the website for 6 months (up to December 2018).

So lots of time to go through and benefit from those training lessons.

2 weeks FREE access!

And to get you started, you’ll get 2 weeks FREE access!

Simply sign up and we won’t charge you a penny for another 2 weeks. And should you change your mind within that first 2 weeks, you can simply cancel your subscription.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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