Total Recall: Recall Dog Training


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Who can this training help?

  • This course is ideal if you’re just starting out with a new puppy and want to avoid running off becoming an annoying and potentially dangerous habit.
  • It’s also just the thing for older dogs who have become persistent non-return offenders, and owners who want to take back control!

What does the course include?

This online course has 12 individual lessons which cover..

  • Simple games to weave into your everyday life with your dog
  • How to change your behaviour to improve your dog’s recall
  • How to have a dog who comes back reliably when you need them

Where can I access the lessons?

The lessons are all available here on the Fisher Fix Dogs website. You just need an internet signal or some Wifi and away you go!

When can I access them and for how long?

The beauty of online training is that your lessons are available 24/7 from when you sign up to your course for a 6 month period.

We limit your access to encourage you to get on with your training. We find having a deadline gets people moving!

We know this information will have a huge impact on your loose lead walking training – but only if you watch the videos and then try the lessons with your dog!

Why will online training work for me?

Our students are spread across the globe. And the feedback about online training is interesting.

When you’re in a group class you and your dog can find it difficult to concentrate and listen to the instructor.

There’s a lot going on and perhaps your dog is inclined to bark so you spend most of the time trying to keep them quiet.

The difference with online training is you can watch from the comfort of your own home!

Plus you can watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you need. It means you don’t miss something important that could be crucial to your success.

Excited to get started! How do I sign up?

Click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button and we’ll set you up with access straight away.

Once you’ve purchased the course, keep an eye out for emails which explain how to get started.


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