Recall Solutions Webinar – 17th May 2018



This is for owners whose dogs have a brilliant recall.. provided there’s nothing else going on. For dogs who had a brilliant recall as small puppies, but have hit adolescence and seem to have lost their hearing!

This is an online webinar – which means you can enjoy it wherever you are in the world. People usually enjoy them curled up from the comfort of their own sofa with a glass of something chilled/ a hot beverage – you get to decide!

It’s best to view webinars like this on a bigger screen so a tablet or laptop, or even through your smart TV. Otherwise you might find the slides/ video clips a little difficult to see properly.

When you sign up via the ticket link you will be sent instructions of how to log on to the website at the appropriate time. Just keep hold of those emails and your password so you’re ready when the time comes.

To fix recall issues you need a plan.. and that’s exactly what this webinar will help you come up with.

– How to manage things in the short-term
– Setting up situations for you & your dog to succeed
– Practical exercises to go away and start working on

I invite you to email your questions and short video clips (1 – 2 minutes max) for inclusion in the the webinar. Just send them over to and I’ll include as many as I can.

And if you can’t make the webinar live, don’t panic! When you register, you’ll get an email directly after the webinar finishes with a catch up link. So you don’t have to miss out if the time is tricky – result!

The tickets for this webinar will be £17.00.


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