Purposeful Practice Makes Progress, September 29th/30th



Practice makes perfect right? Wrong! On two counts!

If you’re practising the right thing – then yes, you’ll get better at something.

But if you’re practising the wrong thing.. well, that that isn’t going to get you very far is it?!

Thoughtful, considered, purposeful practice makes progress.

And progress is what we should all be striving for – not perfection.

I’m not flawless, and I don’t expect my dogs to be either. Their unique imperfections are actually the very thing that make them perfect for me!

What’s it all about?

This weekend is about making progress with your dog training understanding & technical skills.

We’ll be going through training & games from the Inbetweener Dogs online program PLUS adding in exercises from specific training disciplines and fun tricks!

There’s both working & spectator tickets available for this weekend. To apply for a spot to work your dog over the weekend you’ll need to email hello@fisherfixdogs.com.

Who’s the weekend for?

It’s for experienced dog owners who have been through my online programs, and fellow dog training professionals who want to learn new ideas and have an opportunity to enjoy a weekend with their dogs.

September 29th: 9.00am – 5.00pm
September 30th, 10.00am – 4.00pm

This seminar will take place at:
Claverham Village Hall
Bishops Road
BS49 4NF


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