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£30.00 / month

Membership of the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy is for people who want to train puppies & dogs. From first timers through to experienced partnerships – Gemma’s Academy is an Aladdin’s cave of training fun!

It’s also perfect for dog training instructors looking to bring new ideas and fresh content for their students weekly training classes. Not to mention having Gemma to refer to when it comes to more challenging or tricky training scenarios.

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How does it work?

The Academy is an online library of puppy & training resources with weekly new content.

You get direct access to Gemma through weekly Q&A sessions, with a choice of morning, lunchtime & evening meetings.

The Academy is very flexible to your schedule. You can choose to join in with an intensive daily training plan, or fit in bitesized training lessons as and when you can.

One of the main benefits of joining the Academy is the supportive and encouraging community. Your fellow students are brilliant for both celebrating or commiserating dog training wins or fails!

And we do love a Zoom game night – don’t forget to have your favourite drink handy!

In addition to all this, you also get lessons focused on real-life learning, interviews with doggy gurus, small space and garden training suggestions, and a monthly webinar.

Some of the Academy online classrooms include..

  • Practical Puppy Fix – lessons from the online training course & DVD of the same title
  • Inbetweener Dogs – lessons from the online training course
  • Lifeskills Lessons – every day training such as loose lead walking & recall
  • Training Games Vault – exercises & games from dog sports such as agility, Kennel Club Good Citizen, gun dog etc.
  • Agility Action Zone – with training games for agility equipment, weaves, jumps and more!
  • Circus Dog Central – tricks for the ‘born to be on the stage’ dog in your life!
  • Trouble Shooting – featuring topics such as jumping up, over-excitement, anxiety etc.
  • Behind The Scenes – behind the curtains look at my life with my dogs

Check out this example lesson from my Trouble Shooting classroom..

Check out this example lesson from my Agility Action Zone classroom..

Facebook student room group

PLUS when you sign up for the Academy you’ll also be invited to the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy Student Room FB group.

They’re places where you can share videos, post questions, get answers, and generally hang out with your fellow students.

Why join?

If you’re serious about improving your dog’s training and behaviour and generally enriching their life, you need a regular boost of motivation and encouragement to stay on track. The power of the Academy offers exactly that.

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12 reviews for Fisher Fix Dogs Academy – Monthly Membership

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    My dog and I have grown so much during the Academy! Great content, a fantastic price, and wonderful support from Gemma!

    • gemma

      Thank you Sarah – it’s been a privilege to be able to support you and Zuri 🙂

  2. Debbie (verified owner)

    The Academy is an invaluable resource for my family and our boy, Petey. One might worry that online dog training would not be feasible, but it is with The Academy and Gemma of Fisher Fix Dogs! There is nothing like having access to new lessons or the wealth of knowledge to troubleshoot an unwanted behavior simply by logging in to your Academy account.

  3. Helen

    I am not sure where I would be with my anxious dog if it hadn’t been for Gemma Fisher . The Academy is full of lessons but it is more than that- Gemma and the very supportive friendly community help us through struggles and celebrate our successes, however small or large! I have learnt that dog training is about relationship and communication. Now that I understand my dog’s fear I am in a much better place to help her and really enjoy working through the huge variety of information and lessons in the Academy ?

  4. Louise Nicholas (verified owner)

    Best money I spend each month! You get so much information in lots of different formats which really helps you to understand and improve your relationship with your dog. It makes training fun for you and your dog. So glad we joined.

  5. Helen

    Love the academy. I can treat it almost like an encyclopedia of training so if I need to revisit something with a particular problem or I want to play a different game with Bryn I can. Also the interaction where you can ask a question in the Facebook group and know it will be addressed either through a web chat or potentially a lesson in the academy is invaluable.

  6. Nola

    We have trained with Gemma since my Border Terrier Monty was a puppy. Five years on, and her advice and guidance are just as relevant and invaluable for our progression. The online Academy lessons have helped me to troubleshoot any behavioural or training issues we have encountered. Overall, this has resulted in a closer and more enjoyable relationship with my ‘Monty dog’. A fantastic online resource that any dog owner can benefit from!

  7. Naoimh

    Unbelievable value for money and jam packed with excellent content and info. Wouldn’t be without my daily “Fisher-fix” ?

  8. Nicky Jackson (verified owner)

    Loving the Academy, it gives me such flexibility with Gryff. Gryff has a severe back problem with severe allergies too. Classes are just not possible. I’ve done the Inbetweeners and TTF with Gemma which were fab, I wanted to have the flexibility of all the different sections. With Gryff’s mobility we can be restricted by what he is comfortable doing, he is only a young dog and his brain needs to do stuff, the Academy give a me a huge range of options that we can try. I LOVE the weekly Q&A’s as even if I don’t have a question I always learn things from the other members questions. I also LOVE having the community support and support from Gemma and her team. Absolutely invaluable.

  9. Jacqui Betts (verified owner)

    The academy is a treasure trove for all your dog training needs, with 100s of videos of real life dog training situations and at less than the cost of in person training. It’s a place where your questions WILL get answered, the support you need IS given individually to your situation. I will be forever grateful for all the support and advice from Gemma. Don’t hesitate to join it will be the best money you will ever spend on dog training.

  10. phillipajames

    Gemma Fisher’s training academy is amazing! So much help on offer, loads to work through at your own pace. I have learnt so much, and my dogs have had so much fun. Such a great friendly and non-judgemental trainer, and the students share the same ethos too. I dont know where we would be without Gemma and the academys help with our rescue dogs.

  11. Caroline Harris (verified owner)

    Honestly there is so much content in this academy it’s like the google of dog training.
    Gemma makes every lesson fun for both you and your dog with explanations that make sense and I have a zoomie spaniel! If you join this will give you all you need to have that amazing relationship with your dog. Once you’ve joined you’ll have access to invaluable resources . **AMAZING** I cant thank Gemma enough for her help support and patience

    • gemma

      The Academy wouldn’t be the same without Lexi-Lou – thank you for your lovely comments. I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you find it so helpful 🙂

  12. Victoria Wright

    I am so grateful we found Gemma and her Academy. It is worth its weight in gold in helping us navigate our way through being a dog owner. Such good value for money, easy to follow content, great training videos and most of all Gemma is realistic in her approach! Following her advice and videos has made such a positive difference on the behaviour of our 6 month old Border Collie puppy in a short space of time.
    We will be continuing to stay in the Academy as our puppy gets older as it is the ultimate guide in puppy and dog training as well as a very supportive environment to ask questions as they arise.

    • gemma

      Wow, what kind comments – thank you! So glad you and Lenny found the Academy, we love having you as part of the community 🙂

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