Fisher Fix Dogs Academy & Agility Action Zone – Monthly Membership

£30.00 / month

Who’s it for?

The combined membership of the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy & Agility Action Zone is for dog people who know that great agility dogs come from pups with a great training foundation.

It’s also perfect for dog training & dog agility instructors looking to bring new ideas and fresh content for the students in their weekly training classes too!

How does it work?

The Academy & AAZ provides a lesson each Monday throughout a month. Brand new content which just builds month on month into the most amazing library of training resources.

For most months you’ll get 4 lessons, but on those months with an extra Monday you get a BONUS lesson!

The Academy online classrooms are..

  • Lifeskills Lessons – every day training such as loose lead walking & recall
  • Training Games Vault – exercises & games from dog sports such as agility, Kennel Club Good Citizen, gun dog etc.
  • Circus Dog Central – tricks for the ‘born to be on the stage’ dog in your life!
  • Trouble Shooting – featuring topics such as jumping up, over-excitement, anxiety etc.
  • Behind The Scenes – behind the curtains look at my life with my dogs

The Agility Action Zone classrooms are..

  • Agility Contact Exercises & Games
  • Jumping Exercises & Sequences
  • Weave Exercises & Games
  • Course Maps – both full courses & shorter training set ups
  • Backstage Pass – a behind the scenes peek at things I’m doing with my own agility dogs

The first 3 classrooms (agility, jumping & weaves) hold lessons that cover teaching the kit through to proofing & running courses. But there are others – see below!

Extra Academy classrooms

The extra Academy static online classrooms..

  • Practical Puppy Fix – lessons from the online training course & DVD of the same title
  • Inbetweener Dogs – lessons from the online training course

Extra Agility Action Zone classrooms

  • FUN-damental Foundations – the classroom which holds the ingredients to long-term successful agility partnerships
  • ‘Starting Out’ Agility Instructor Seminar – how to start adding agility training to your teaching bag

Monthly coaching webinar

As if all that wasn’t enough, you also get a monthly coaching webinar for each membership.

Academy: You submit questions to be answered, and/or cover relevant dog training & behaviour subjects such as boosting confidence in anxious dogs, exploring body language, training challenges etc.

Agility Action Zone: You submit questions to be answered, and/or cover relevant agility topics such as troubleshooting start lines, course walking skills, problem solving motivation issues etc.

Facebook student room group

PLUS when you sign up for the Academy you’ll also be invited to the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy Student Room FB group & Agility Action Zone Student Room FB group.

They’re places where you can share videos, post questions, get answers, and generally hang out with your fellow students.

Why join?

If you’re serious about improving your dog’s training and behaviour and generally enriching their life, you need a regular boost of motivation and encouragement to stay on track. The combined power of the Academy & Agility Action Zone offers exactly that.


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