In order to meet our dogs needs, we need to understand what they’re trying to communicate with us. Because if we don’t know what they’re trying to tell us, we might well miss something very important.
And as with any good friend, I don’t ever want my dogs to think that I didn’t hear them or listen to them when they were trying to let me know they were feeling anxious or worried.
This online webinar will cover the following essential information:
– How to recognise signals dogs use to communicate
– How these signals help us predict what they’re going to do next
– Why these subtle signals can avoid our dogs having to shout/ get aggressive to get their message across
In this presentation I will make use of video clips to make the information applicable in real-life situations. You are welcome to email me with short (2 minutes or less) clips if there’s a behaviour you don’t understand in your dog that you’d like me to explore further: gemma@fisherfixdogs.com.
Please note: I can’t use EVERY clip which is submitted, but will aim to include as many as I can.
During my free ‘Secrets to Success‘ webinar (click here to watch it) I touched upon how it’s up to us to become the best caregivers we can for our dogs. Learning our dog’s language is an integral part of this process.
NB: This presentation will be best viewed on a computer/ iPad/ bigger screen where the slides can be viewed for optimum effect. There will be a replay available for 24 hours after the presentation finishes.


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