Fisher Fix Dogs Academy – Monthly Membership

£40.00 / month for 12 months

Membership of the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy is for people who want to train puppies & dogs. From first timers through to experienced partnerships – Gemma’s Academy is an Aladdin’s cave of training fun!

It’s also perfect for dog training instructors looking to bring new ideas and fresh content for their students weekly training classes. Not to mention having Gemma to refer to when it comes to more challenging or tricky training scenarios.

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How does it work?

The Academy is an online library of puppy & training resources with weekly new content.

You get direct access to Gemma through weekly Q&A sessions, with a choice of morning, lunchtime & evening meetings.

The Academy is very flexible to your schedule. You can choose to join in with an intensive daily training plan, or fit in bitesized training lessons as and when you can.

One of the main benefits of joining the Academy is the supportive and encouraging community. Your fellow students are brilliant for both celebrating or commiserating dog training wins or fails!

And we do love a Zoom game night – don’t forget to have your favourite drink handy!

In addition to all this, you also get lessons focused on real-life learning, interviews with doggy gurus, small space and garden training suggestions, and a monthly webinar.

Some of the Academy online classrooms include..

  • Practical Puppy Fix – lessons from the online training course & DVD of the same title
  • Inbetweener Dogs – lessons from the online training course
  • Lifeskills Lessons – every day training such as loose lead walking & recall
  • Training Games Vault – exercises & games from dog sports such as agility, Kennel Club Good Citizen, gun dog etc.
  • Agility Action Zone – with training games for agility equipment, weaves, jumps and more!
  • Circus Dog Central – tricks for the ‘born to be on the stage’ dog in your life!
  • Trouble Shooting – featuring topics such as jumping up, over-excitement, anxiety etc.
  • Behind The Scenes – behind the curtains look at my life with my dogs

Check out this example lesson from my Trouble Shooting classroom..

Check out this example lesson from my Agility Action Zone classroom..

Facebook student room group

PLUS when you sign up for the Academy you’ll also be invited to the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy Student Room FB group.

They’re places where you can share videos, post questions, get answers, and generally hang out with your fellow students.

Why join?

If you’re serious about improving your dog’s training and behaviour and generally enriching their life, you need a regular boost of motivation and encouragement to stay on track. The power of the Academy offers exactly that.

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