Looking to learn outside of your weekly training class?

Would your competition aspirations benefit from a weekly boost of inspiration & new ideas?

Join the Agility Action Zone!

A weekly offering for one of these key areas in agility instruction:

  • Agility Contact Exercises & Games
  • Weave Exercises & Games
  • Jumping Exercises & Sequences
  • Course Maps

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You’ll receive a written lesson plan detailing the exercises, along with what equipment you’d need and what skill set you’d be working on.

And in addition the footage from the ‘Starting Out’ Agility Instructor Seminar is included in the Agility Action Zone which covers:

  • Foundation Agility Training
  • Different Methods for Teaching Equipment
  • Teaching Skills
  • Rules & Regulations
  • PLUS! On the months where there is more than 4 weeks, rather than have a week off we have a series of cheeky bonuses which we're excited to share!

Let me know when registration opens!