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👋 Welcome to the our Puppy Resources page!👋🐶 Here you can find some valuable resources which we think you’ll find helpful on your puppy raising journey 🐕
  • Worried about those first few nights? Here’s what I do to settle my pups in and help them adjust to their new life –>> http://bit.ly/2AehPpt
  • Click here to get your FREE copy of our Socialisation Adventures Ebook –>> http://bit.ly/2gtfv5M
  • Looking to socialise with other dogs? Check out this video for best practice –>> http://bit.ly/2hQX2xi
  • Struggling with puppy potty training? You’re not alone! Click here to get your FREE copy of our House Training 101 Ebook –>> http://bit.ly/2gSkhqI
  • Question about crate training? Check out this video where I address some common queries –>> http://bit.ly/2CS2vQm
  • And are you getting bitten to shreds by your naughty new puppy?! Don’t panic – keep calm and watch these videos 😜
  • Need help training the basics? My favourite things to get right! Click here to get 7-days FREE access to the Practical Puppy Training Course –>> http://bit.ly/2B7lCBo
  • Not sure what to do about spaying or neutering? Here’s some vets advice on the subject that I rate very highly: https://youtu.be/enPCZA1WFKY
  • Having difficulty getting your puppy used to travelling in the car? Check out this post for more help & advice –>> http://bit.ly/2Cea6V7
  • Whilst I’m a trainer, I do know the importance of good nutrition and how what our dogs eat can have an influence on their behaviour –>> http://bit.ly/2mLiRAd
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5 Top Toilet Training Tips!

I have an 8 week old Cavachon but am struggling to get her to stop peeing in her bed and in the house. I’m trying  regular toilet breaks but it’s hard if she is asleep in her crate at night etc. I’m buying the Oder remover spray today and I use a single word when

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How To Avoid Evening Puppy Zoomies!

Every night around 7pm-9pm our dog goes loopy. She gets over excited for no reason and is starting to get snappy while she is at it barking and appearing quite aggressive. We have tried ignoring it, distracting her, putting her in her crate which she then tears about. The rest of the day she is

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Self Control Exercise: Permission To Eat!

I’d like our dogs to realise that access to all the things they love are provided by us and that they can be earned by doing simple tasks. This improves their focus and levels of self-control as they learn that in order to get something that they want, they need to do something that we want.

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How to avoid your dog guarding their treasures

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your dog is growling and snapping when you approach them and you don’t feel safe to put your hand anywhere near the item that they are guarding, PLEASE get in touch with a qualified behaviourist for more detailed help. The APBC is a good place to find one. This question is often asked regarding favourite

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My Top 10 Favourite Dog Toys!

This list includes the companies that I get my favourite toys from, because generally speaking they aren’t available from your local pet shop. Have fun and ENJOY games with your dog! 1. Tug-E-Nuff Bungee Tugs I have so many favourites within the Tug-E-Nuff brand I could do a separate list for just them! What I particularly

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Struggle to get your dog on lead at the end of a walk?

I can remember having this problem with the first family dogs I engaged in training. Our two terriers were smart, clever little dogs who always seemed to be two steps ahead of me. Frustrating for a new dog trainer who was learning herself! I knew that I wanted to use rewards in my training and

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Why should I insure my dog?

Perhaps the question should be – why NOT insure your dog? Because does anyone want to be in the position of making difficult decisions about the treatment plan of their beloved dog with the financial aspect looming large in the background? I know I don’t – quite frankly it’s stressful enough seeing them ill or

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Why dog training is just simple maths!

Each and every day a dog impresses me with some aspect of their intelligence. One particular skill that I think they’re very good at is their ability to count the number of treats they’ve been given for a particular task – or the lack of them 😉 You see dogs aren’t so different to us.

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When’s the right time for your next puppy?

This question should really sit alongside questions such as “How long is a piece of string?” 😉 Perhaps the question isn’t just “When’s the right time?” but more, what other factors are involved in making the decision. Financial – can I afford the best food, training, insurance and veterinary care for this new puppy or

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Sofa snuggles – what are your rules?

Personally speaking I like nothing better than a cuddle with one of my dogs on the sofa at the end of a long day 🙂 But I can see why people don’t always let their dogs join them on the sofa – and I respect their reasons for doing so. It’s all about personal preference.

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Dog Walks: Cadbury Hill, Congresbury

I’m sure local dog owners will agree with me in saying that this hill fort that overlooks the village of Yatton, is a lovely place to walk your dog. I have always accessed the hill via the car park at the bottom of the hill which is at the end of Henley Lane (see image below).

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Dog Walks: Ashcombe Woods, Weston-Super-Mare

This is one of my favourite woods to walk the dogs in, as there is so much to explore – plus the great disabled track around the woods is perfect for both children’s buggy’s and wheelchairs/ disability scooters alike. The woods are beautiful at every season in the year, and the changing landscape makes it such

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