Gemma’s Dog Training CV

The Derbyshire Agility Centre:

Training for Trainers Agility Training – Starting Out, September 2005

Training for Trainers Agility Handler Training, April 2006

Training for Trainers 3 Top Up, May 2007

Lois Harris, Agility Instructors Course:

November 2005

Richard Alvis, All About Sheepdogs:

Basic sheepdog course, 2005
1-2-1 Training, October 2016 – January 2017

PACE (Performance Agility Coaching & Evaluation):

Trainer Training Course, September 2006

The Agility Club:acLogo200

Approved Instructor First Class, October 2007

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT):APDTlogoUK2_275

Assessed and accepted for membership October 2009, Member Number 01069

The Kennel Club:

Passed examination ‘Requirements of an Agility Judge’, November 2009

Passed examination ‘Agility Course Design & Judging’, November 2009
Granted Listed Status Approval to run Good Citizen Dog Scheme, November 2010

Sports Coaching for Agility Handlers Seminar, October 2010

Susan Garrett, Say Yes Dog Training:

The 5 Minute Formula for a Brilliant Recall online course, August 2010

Puppy Peaks monthly video project, June 2011 – to date

Say Yes to Contact Success online course, August 2012 – December 2014
Revised The 5 Minute Formula for a Brilliant Recall online course, July 2013

Handling 360, online agility handling course, January 2014 – to date

Recallers 5.0, June 2014

Lynda Orton-Hill 3-Day Camp, July 2014

Canine Fitness & Body Awareness Symposium, December 2014

Recallers 6.0, July 2015

Agility Clinic: Developing Young Talent, March 2016

Agility Nation, online membership, January 2016 – to date

imgresSMART (Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Therapy) Clinic: 

Regular client with my whole family of dogs since 2008

Training for Healthy Puppy Development, Training the Athlete, Common Injuries of the Working Dog, February 2010

Open Day, October 2016

Dr Kathrine McAleese, Mind To Win:logo-1

Monthly sessions from January 2013 – to date

Goal Setting for Success online course, January 2014


Dave Munnings, Q-Me Agility:logo

On-going regular training, October 2012 – to date

Lauren Langman, Devon Dogs:

Grids in Motion, November 2012

Stretchold Rounds Session, September 2013

Improve Your Contacts & Weaves, January 2014images

LLAAI Level One, April – July 2014

Young Dogs & Pre-Competition Camp, July 2017

Summer Handling Camp with Selena Bray, September 2017

Contacts & Weaves with Natasha Wise, December 2014

Awesome Contacts & Wicked Weaves Workshop, June 2015

Young Dogs Workshop, August 2015

Let’s Get Weaving Course, October – November 2016

Tereza Kralova workshop, February 2017

Dan Shaw, D-Force Dog Training:536774_214268298707670_1001645112_n

On-going regular training since January 2014 – to date

Amy Lawson, 3 Paws Agility:

Course Running Practice, January-February 2014

Suzanne Clothier, Relationship Centred Training:logo_top

See The Dog: The Elemental Questions, March 2015

From Maddening To Maturity: Understanding the Adolescent Dog, March 2015

What Your Dog’s Body Can Tell You, March 2015

Practical Bones, March 2015

Puppy Evening, July 2017

What’s the problem? July 2017

Lisa Frick, Agilityborders:

Auditor, June 2014

Workshop, June 2015

Daybreak Dogs Summer Camp with Dave Munnings, Dan Shaw & Sian Illingsworth: July 2015

Charlotte Harding:

On-going regular training, May 2015 to date

Bonny Quick:

1-2-1 Training, October 2015 to date

Championship Group Training, January – February 2017

Beyond G7 Workshop, February 2017

Dr Ian Dunbar:

Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs, March 2016

Elina Jänesniemi, One Mind Dogs:

Young Dogs Workshop, March 2016

Understanding Dogs, Jan Windsor:

Why Dogs Behave As They Do, Presentation Series – April-June 2016

Absolute Dogs, Dr Tom Mitchell & Lauren Langman:

Summer of Transformation, Online Training Course, July-August 2016

Kathryn Stickney:

1-2-1 Training, August 2016

Craig Ogilvie, Love For Dogs:

 Play Workshop, October 2016

Adam Daines, Avon Dog Services:

Smelly Dogs! Fun Scent Workshop, October 2016

Connie Sellers and Michelle Waugh, Chazak Agility:

G1-3 Workshop, February 2017

Puppy Agility Training, February 2017

Jules Morgan, Dog Training Naturally:

Foundation Gun Dog Training the Positive Way, February 2017

Intermediate Gun Dog Training the Positive Way, March 2017

Intermediate Gun Dog Training the Positive Way, May 2017

Zeljko Gora, Zeljko Gora Dog Training

Workshop at Devon Dogs, April 2017

ABTC, Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)

Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Animal Trainer, May 2017 – to present

Laura Chudleigh, Agility Secrets:

Weave workshop, July 2017

Handling workshop, July 2017

Alex Lato, Temperament Dogs:

Bravery Boost workshop, July 2017

Michael Edmond Van Waegevelde:

Handling workshops, January 2018

Kamal Fernandez, Kamal Fernandez Dog Training:

Planning, Preparing and Training for Competition, February 2018

Seminars & Workshops Presented

Severnside Dog Agility Club, North Somerset:

Club member, Committee member & Instructor (from 2006) from 2003 – 2013

Celestine Dog Training, Bristol:

Jumping Grid Workshop, Autumn 2011

A-Sit, Taunton:

Jumping Grid Workshop, Spring 2012

The Patch, Northern Ireland:profile01

Instructor training & Workshops/ Clinics, October 2014

Instructor training & Workshops/ Clinics, January 2015

Workshops/ Clinics, April 2016

Lucy Shipway Dog Services, North Somerset:

Real Life Dog Training Presentation, August 2016


Fisher Fix Dogs Seminars:

Agility Instructor Training: Starting Out Seminar, October 2016

Inbetweener Dogs Convention, January 2018

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