Seasonal Advice

Christmas Meal, 2013

Handlers only do! A chance to unwind with a glass of fizz and celebrate the dog training and agility achievements of 2013 with your fellow class mates. It’s a rare opportunity for glitz and glamour in a world of tracksuit bottoms and muddy trainers, and we look forward to sharing an evening of fun and …

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Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy new year to you all! We’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing for new courses starting next week, with some new faces joining us to assist, plus plans for further courses to being in February. So all go as usual! Look forward to meeting …

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Christmas Safety Advice

Health Advice Not really Christmas specific, more autumn/ winter advice, but if the weather is particularly cold or wet, ensure any older dogs or those with thin fur wear coats outdoors. Personally I’d have any dogs that live indoors wearing a coat if I have to put one on myself when heading outside. As they …

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Christmas Present Ideas

If your other half or children are having trouble thinking up the perfect present, get them to take a look at this list 🙂 Clever Dog by Sarah Whitehead Say Yes Dog Training clothing Bones would rain from the sky by Suzanne Clothier Hedgehog pods for body awareness fun A few …

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Canine Bedtime Stories Prepare Dogs For Bonfire Night Fireworks

The fifth of November can be a nightmare for dogs who are afraid of fireworks – and for their owners. Unfortunately these days, fireworks tend to start in October and continue through to Christmas, in a seemingly never-ending celebration. There are a variety of ways to help your pet stay calm during bonfire night and …

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