Diet and it’s affect on our dog’s behaviour

As part of my studies for a canine behaviour certificate I’m working towards, I had to do choose two dog foods and research the differences between them, plus the advantages & disadvantages of each. I chose to research two quite different diets – Burns Original Brown Rice & White Fish dried dog food and Nature’s …

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Why playing games with your dog is so important

We encourage people to start playing games with their puppies from a really early age. It’s a really important part of building a strong relationship with our dogs, that we’re a source of great fun right from the word go. This becomes really valuable when we start letting them off the lead and they start …

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Finding the right dog training class

Recommendations Word of mouth is probably the best way to find a good training class – preferably with someone who’s had dogs before and has been to more than one as they’ll have greater experience of what’s out there. What did they enjoy about the class? Did they find the instructor friendly and welcoming? Would …

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Liver Cake Recipe

At yesterday’s Kennel Club Good Citizen classes the focus was on reward, on what exactly it is your dog LOVES! It’s important for us to be specific about what rewards we’re using so that we can get the best responses from our dogs, and improve our training communications. Here’s the recipe for the delicious liver …

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Happy girl!

Had to share this lovely email I received today: Hi Gemma, Just wanted to say Thankyou for all your help and knowledge as a trainer, it is so appreciated!! I have just been to the vets with Skye with what I guessed was mild conjunctivitus. I’ve been using optrex with chloramophenicol and wanted to just …

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Happy boys! :)

  This morning I received a lovely email which I thought was too nice not to share – it was from clients at my Kennel Club Good Citizen classes on a Monday evening. Here’s what they had to say: “Under Gemma’s guidance our boys, Ollie & Murphy have gone from strength to strength in both …

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