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Vodka’s Training Diary: Know Your Triggers

  When you first start working with a dog, one of the first things to start noticing are their triggers. The things that cause that cause an emotional reaction – be it excitement at one end of the spectrum, or anxiety at the other. This is important for a few reasons. One is that forewarned …

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Before I Say Goodbye

This morning I have a very sad thing to do. I have to say goodbye to a little dog which has made a huge impression on not only my life, but that of my whole family. Toby was born at the charity Heart Rescue during mid-summer in 2000. His parentage was somewhat of a mystery, …

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Just enjoy today!

It’s been just over 3 weeks since Etty’s fractured vertebrae was diagnosed. And in some ways things are a lot better, and in others they are still very hard. She is much brighter now she has become accustomed to the head cast, to the point she now believes that the crate rest is unnecessary and …

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