How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Firework Season

As you’ll have seen from my previous blog post, I’m not a huge fan of fireworks. But as there’s little point in stamping my feet and getting cross about the current regulations, I’m being proactive about how to deal with Kai’s fears. Here’s a list of some of the things that I will be doing, …

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Great dogs

I have just returned from walking Kai & Ella, and feel very relaxed and happy as a result. Due to me becoming a dog walker, we don’t walk by ourselves very much anymore and it’s something I should do much more often. Great for stress busting, and believe me the last week has given me …

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SMART Clinic visit

Today Kai, Ella, Hattie and I visited Lowri Davies at the SMART clinic in Cardiff. Hattie was only with us for the ride, but think she quite enjoyed herself – there was plenty of liver cake going around 🙂 I have noticed that Kai is slowing down, and am grateful that friends were able to …

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Prestbury Park

What a lovely venue! It took around an hour and a quarter to get there, but was really lovely so will definitely want to enter next year. We worked a ring for Sue Yeo (Severnside’s club chairwoman) with some great camaraderie, leg pulling and general merriment – lots of fun! One of the great things …

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Happy Thought

Whilst updating the Severnside website (http://www.severnsidedac.co.uk/) I edited and uploaded some photographs that a friend had taken at a recent league match. Naturally my favourite was the one I found of my own little girl; Ella waiting at the start-line for her release command. Cool, poised, ready for action just as she always is – …

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