Barking, lunging, naughty dog? I had one like that once too! In this video, I describe my journey with my Border Collie, Vodka:

- What her behaviour looked like as a puppy
- The steps I took to overcome her challenges
- Where she came from and her early start
- When I started to notice a change
- Why her behaviour was linked to PAIN
- How I felt about her then, and how I feel about her now



  1. OMG have just watched your journey with Vodka and can totally relate to the challenges that you have faced together! My story is very similar to yours and there have been times when I have felt completely isolated in dealing with my boy and also frustrated as to how we could both overcome his reactiveness. It has always has been a case of thinking outside of the box and for me to understand that life for him at times is really stressful. I only was meant to be a temporary foster for a couple of weeks, BUT! was so worried about his future that I decided to keep him!! I have wondered many times if I was the right person to take on such a dog with every problem that you could think of! Together we have overcome so many issues and I am so very proud of him. We still have traffic problems to deal with and being out in the big scary world! (but all in good time)!Like Vodka he is my protector! I live in quite an isolated area with 90 odd acres and late one night there were poachers around so he barked like mad and then lay across my feet! What a very special boy! Anyway, I could tell you so much that has happened along our journey together that I probably could write a book haha! Many thanks for your great video it certainly resonated and actually made me cry!! Jan x

    1. I hope it was helpful to know you’re not alone, and that we all face struggles. It’s what makes life interesting anyway!

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